Bulk Materials - at our Minneapolis Yard
2610 Marshall Street NE  Minneapolis, MN  55418

These materials have been photographed with a golf ball to indicate the product size. 
Click on any product for a larger image.

 Landscaping Mulches
 Hardwood Mulch
 Red Canyon Mulch

 mulch, landscaping cover, hardwoodred landscape muclh ground cover, black dirt, soil, garden, landscaping, 612-789-4303
Black Dirt
More information on our black dirt
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] marshall, black dirt, pulverized, mulch, landscaping, soil, potting, garden, lawn 
Base Materials
 Class Five - Crushed Limestone
Class Seven - Recycled Concrete
[IMAGE] recycled base material  
Construction Aggregates
 3/8" River Rock
1/2" River Rock
3/4" River Rock
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] rock, stone, pea rock, aggregate, gravel, Minneapolis, delivery, dump truck, rock, river 
3/4" Limestone
3/4" Granite
3/8" Clear Limestone
limestone, dolomite, dolo, rock, stone, aggregate, Minneapolis, St. Paul, delivery, dump truck, St. Paul,  [IMAGE]  limestone, buckshot, aggregate, base
Decorative Aggregates
1 1/2" River Rock
1 1/2" Buff Limestone


Marshall stocks 16 bulk materials for use in landscaping and construction projects.

If you have a pick up or a trailer, you can save the delivery fee by hauling it yourself.
We have a ¾ yard minimum for loading with a skid steer, and we will get you loaded and on the road in just a
few minutes. Our yard is located in the heart of Minneapolis at 2610 Marshall Street N.E.– right on the east bank of the Mississippi River just north of downtown.

We also deliver bulk materials Monday thru Friday and Saturday mornings. Call us for a quote, or stop by the yard to look at our materials.


To figure out how much material you need:

1 Yard of material will cover:

  • 80 square feet 4” thick
  • 120 square feet 3” thick
  • 160 square feet 2” thick
  • 320 square feet 1” thick


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