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Decorative Concrete

While much of the concrete that is poured is used for structural purposes, there are many decorative finishes that can be applied to concrete either through additives in the production process or as finishes applied later.

Exposed Aggregate Finishes
Decorative process where cement paste is washed off the top surface to expose rock underneath
Exposed Aggregate Concrete Steps
Integral Colors
Color added to the concrete mix before it is poured.
 Integral Concrete colors, pigments for concrete cement color
Stamped Concrete
Imprinting a texture, pattern or design in concrete at the time of finishing.  Typically done with flexible synthetic rubber stamps.
 stamping texture concrete cement images decorative stone
Stenciled Concrete
Imprinting a texture using disposable paper stencils.  Texture is applied with a textured roller.
 stencil decorative concrete paper disposable
Concrete Staining
Coloring concrete after it has set with a variety of translucent stains.  Can be used on new or used concrete surfaces.
 stained concrete acid staining, coloring cement concrete
Hardeners and Antiques
Used to provide color variability, highlights, shadows or to create an area of a different color, or as a stamp release.
 hardener color antique release agents
Protection for the finished product - holds colors, protects the concrete, and brightens and intensifies colors.
 sealer, high gloss, protection,

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