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All Wheel Concrete Trucks





Marshall concrete was one of the earliest adopters of 6x6 or all wheel drive delivery capability in the greater Twin City market area. In the late 1960's, we found a ready market for six wheel drive trucks in the residential development of much of Anoka County.

The need for all wheel drive capability continues today. Each of Marshall's 10 front wheel drive mixer trucks has all-wheel drive capability. Many other trucks also are all-wheel drive. However, the extra weight of all-wheel drive trucks does decrease the payload capacity of the trucks, so Marshall also has conventional trucks, newer rear wheel interlock designs and deflatable tire systems to significantly increase the traction of the truck.  All front discharge trucks at Marshall are also all wheel drive. Our older conveyor trucks are six wheel drive.

Ultimately, however, the contractor or homeowner is responsible for providing access to the job. We do not guarantee that a truck can get into a job, and the driver will not compromise safety or risk damaging a truck or other property to get in. If a contractor or homeowner orders a driver off the road, and the driver warns the customer about the risk of getting stuck, the customer will be responsible to pay for towing charges, if needed.