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Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete is a vital building material used in all kinds of construction. Ready-mix concrete is a perishable product. Once water comes into contact with cement, the chemical reaction known as hydration begins. Hydration is the reaction that changes the mixture of cement, sand, rock and water into the rock-like substance known as concrete. Plastic or "wet" concrete should be in its final place within 90 minutes of production. This means the user needs to take into account the time required to place the concrete and the time it takes to get the concrete from the production plant to the job site.
Marshall has been delivering ready mixed concrete to residential, commercial and municipal customers for over 60 years. Though much of the concrete produced is used for basic infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, curbs, building footings and walls, it is also being used increasingly as a decorative finish for floors, walls and pavements.
Our three batch plants located in northeast Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Ramsey, MN, are conveniently located to easily reach most of the Twin City market. While there are many important factors to consider in choosing a ready mix supplier, Marshall emphasizes three goals on each of our deliveries:
  • Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Good finishing, durable concrete
  • On-time delivery
While these are all very important, we also realize that the price of the product is another important aspect for most customers. At Marshall our motto is "Quality Products and Service for Lasting Value." We strive to live up to that motto in what we do everyday.
We are a locally owned and operated company. The managers at Marshall are involved with the day-to-day operations of the company. This may mean that we don't have the fanciest marketing campaigns, or the coolest website, but it also means that we understand the nuts and bolts of the business, and appreciate the challenges faced by our customers everyday on job sites. If you are not familiar with us, we invite you to get better acquainted on our website. If you are a contractor looking to develop a long term, beneficial relationship with a concrete supplier, call us and ask to meet with a sales representative. If you are a homeowner just trying to pour a little concrete at the home place, we think you'll find some helpful advice and information on our site. But, of course, if you prefer to call and talk to a live person, we're glad to help you that way too.
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