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Concrete Block

Why buy block from Marshall? There are several reasons.
Skilled and helpful drivers and dispatchers. Increasingly, block are being supplied by box stores whose customer service staff and drivers do not know the product or how it is used on a job site. This can mean hours of time wasted or extra labor costs to install. Marshall has experienced staff that know block and can get you what you need.
Equipment. Our delivery fleet consists of 35 foot telescopic booms. These booms often mean the difference between spending a day moving block and a day laying block. We have several all-wheel drive trucks which get into some of the toughest jobs.
Large and small jobs. We are happy to haul any sized order. Delivery charges are based on truck time, and delivery is not included in the price of the product, so you don't pay extra to pick up at our yards.
Saturday delivery. We haul on Saturdays from mid-April through October - and we are willing to haul on Saturdays in the winter too, if you call ahead to schedule the delivery.
Dry block – covered loads. Block should be laid when they are dry. Our pallets are wrapped and covered.
Location. With our yard in northeast Minneapolis, we are in the heart of the city. Just a few minutes off the freeway and easy to get to from anywhere in the metro area. There are no other full service block yards in the metro area. We have convenient hours, and we are happy to pre-pick orders so you can get in and out of our yards in just a few minutes.
Price. We make our own block in our own production facility. When you buy from Marshall, you eliminate the middleman, and buy directly from a manufacturer. We also offer very competitive pricing for bagged cement goods.
Marshall has been supplying concrete block to our community since 1936. Since the early 1980's our emphasis has been providing block for residential and light commercial/industrial applications. We stock a full line of basic block sizes and shapes, rockface blocks. Specialty blocks can be obtained through advanced special orders.
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Or Call Us At: 612-789-4305