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Bagged Cement Goods


We sell and deliver a full line of bagged products for your construction needs! These include: premixed mortars, un-sanded mortars, Portland cement, lime, bagged sand, and color pigments for premixed mortar. These are available for pick up at our yard in Minneapolis, as well as delivery. We are here to answer any questions that you may have!

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Premixed Mortars & Concrete

We have the materials necessary for all of your block, brick, foundation, and floor needs.


Spec Mix Portland Lime & Sand: Type S Premix Mortar

Weight: 80 LB

SKU#: 913

For MSDS Sheets click here.

Spec Mix Portland Lime & Sand - Type N Premix Mortar

Weight: 80 LB

SKU#: 911

For MSDS Sheets click here.

Spec Mix Portland Lime & Sand - Type M Premix Mortar

Weight: 80 LB

SKU#: 913.5

For MSDS Sheets click here.

Spec Mix Stone Veneer - Masonry Mortar

Weight: 80 LB

SKU#: 919

For MSDS Sheets click here.

Spec Mix Stone Veneer - Scratch & Base Mortar

Weight: 80 LB

SKU#: 920

For MSDS Sheets click here.

Spec Mix Underground Utility Mortar

Weight: 80 LB

SKU#: 9173

For MSDS Sheets click here.

Spec Mix Grout Core Fill Concrete Mix (3000 PSI)

Weight: 80 LB

SKU#: 918

For MSDS Sheets click here.

Quikrete Non-Shrink Precision Grout

Weight: 50 LB

SKU#: 914

ProSpec Concrete Patching Mix                                        


Weight: 50 LB

SKU#: 9171.1

ProSpec Vertical Repair

Weight: 50 LB

SKU#: 921

Granusil Industrial Quartz

Weight: 50 LB

SKU#: 9155



Cement & Mortars

Sometimes you don’t need an entire trucks worth of cement, or you just like to do things without the trucks, and that’s okay because we bag our high-quality cement for those of you in those situations. The same goes for mortar, for those of who like to mix your own mortar, we have quality cement that you can blend to make your own mortar.


LaFarge Type I Portland Cement

Weight: 92 LB

SKU#: 901

LaFarge Type S Portland Cement

Weight: 75 LB

SKU#: 907

LaFarge Type N Masonry Cement

Weight: 70 LB

SKU#: 906

Western Type S Lime

Weight: 50 LB

SKU#: 904

LEHIGH White Portland Cement

Weight: 92 LB

SKU#: 903


Bagged Sand

Sand is an incredible multipurpose material that can be applied in an endless amount of instances. You can put it into your concrete, you can put it into cracks to prevent weeds and insects, you can even put into paint to give it better grip. Down below you can see the types of sand we can provide and the mixes they can be used for. We’re sure you can come up with many creative uses on your own though!


Quikrete All-Purpose Sand