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Tight Turning Concrete Trucks

We don't run them quite as small as the truck shown at the left, but we do make deliveries in several trucks with short wheel bases to get into tight spots. Two yard capacity truck ca. 1948. These trucks were used in the first 10-15 years of the ready mix industry from the end of WWII to the early 1960's.

Our smaller trucks are limited to less than six yards delivery capacity, but the trucks with concrete still weigh nearly 50,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, and have tandem rear axle arrangements.

Our skilled drivers can get into some pretty small spaces, but if you have any doubt about whether or not we can get in, call us and we'll send someone out to look it over.

Be prepared to move the concrete with wheelbarrows if we can't get the truck where you want it. Make sure you request a tight turning truck if you need one.

Truck height clearance varies from 12'0" to 13'4". We have no trucks that can get under less than 12 feet of clearance.

Dispatch - 612-789-4305